Airlines Flying to Mauritius from UK

As an independent Mauritius specialist we are able to use any flight carrier which best meet our customer requirements.
We have put compiled a brief guide to the airlines that operate to Mauritius for a quick comparison of the departure airports, seat pitches and baggage allowances.

Airline Departure Econ – Pitch” Bus – Pitch” First- Pitch” Econ – KG Bus – KG First- KG Seat TV’s Catering
Air Mauritius Heathrow, Direct, Regional Connections Available 32 57 23 30 40 Yes Complimentary All Classes
British Airways Heathrow, Direct, Regional Connections Available 31 (Premium Economy 38) 72 78 23 46 69 Yes Complimentary All Classes
Emirates Heathrow,Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, all available via DUBAI 32/33 55  77 20 30 Yes Complimentary All Classes
South African Heathrow, via various European Airports, Regional Connections  31-34  73  20 2 x 32 Yes Drinks Complimentary All Classes with meals only
KLM Heathrow, Manchester, Newcastle, via AMSTERDAM  31  60  20  30 Yes not on Euro sector Complimentary All Classes
Air France Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow via PARIS CDG or AMSTERDAM  31 (Premium Economy 38)  61  82  23  32  32 Yes not on Euro sector Complimentary All Classes

Why not take advantage of Emirates flight schedules and stop a couple of nights in Dubai?

If you would like a twin centre with South African and Mauritius, South African is the airline to choose.







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